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Hudi grew up learning and absorbing the stirring songs and tales of Reb Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory. He attended concerts and intimate performances by Reb Shlomo and absorbed his captivating energy. The influence of Reb Shlomo strongly permeates the message Hudi conveys through his song.

Over the years, Hudi began to perform these songs publicly. Leading public kumsitzin (informal musical gatherings) as well as Shabbos and Holiday gatherings. As he led these gathering, he began to connect with people through song and dance combining the power of both tears and of laughter. He continued to draw inspiration from many musical sources, primarily from the wellspring of mid-19th Century Chassidic songs that speak of Jewish Hope & Survival. Hudi sings with an old-world feel that at-once feels familiar & contemperary.

Hudi believes his performances are a shared experience with the crowd, drawing on their energy while infusing the room with his own, to allow for a powerful shared spiritual encounter.

As he developed as a musician, Hudi began to compose his own songs and put his own spin on contemporary tunes. He performs at a myriad of functions including Bar-Mitzvahs, Weddings, Concerts, Sheva Brachot, Pidyon Haben, Community Gatherings, Holiday Parties, Melava Malka, Shul functions, Chessed events, fundraisers, family parties and any other event that needs a special musical touch. He is available solo or with a full or partial band.

Hudi also leads Shabbos and Holiday Services in the “Carlebach” style, inviting congregations to meaningfully experience the prayers.